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Brenda: Reclaiming

Brenda Thompson has spent the last two years trying to get over Michael Moorecock, the man who left her because she became Kindred. Now she’s found a man in Rafael Brown who not only accepts her for what she is but also is willing to die for her. What happens when her ex-domitor comes back to town and brings a pack of the hated Sabbat with him?

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Characters in the Story

Rafe Brown - Ghoul Howie Dorough - Tremere Ghoul Bruce Blackwell - Tremere Samantha McLean - Verbena Rachael Black - Verbena Brian Littrel - Custos A.J. McLean - Custos Jared Smith - Dreamspeaker Micky George - Tremere Sarah Hamilton - Tremere Alden Monroe - Tremere Primogen Elvira Van Dorn - Tremere Prince Ford Radek - Tremere Lord

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Note: Some fiction contains explicit content and is not meant for children under the age of seventeen.