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Beth Bathori was the prince of Salem for over two hundred years. She held the town in an iron grip and most of the Tremere in the city were her childer. The rest were of Lord Ford Radek’s line. Ford is the Chantry leader and had Vienna’s favor so Beth couldn’t touch him for fear of clan retribution. Beth allowed only two members to all clans in the city save the Tremere and the Brujah; she allowed the Brujah as many members as the Tremere and used them often in her misdeeds. Beth schemed for years to end Elvira Van Dorn's existence, never succeeding. Elvira took control of the city upon Beth's death. She has raised the clan membership level in Salem to five, with the exception of the Tremere, which she regulates as needed, and the Brujah, which she's seen brought down to 2. She's managed to rid the city of most of Beth's bloodline, leaving only two that she knows she can trust.
Tremere Chantry


Elvira Van Dorn - Tremere Prince Prince - Elvira Van Dorn was born under another name deep in the jungles of Africa and brought to America upon a slave ship. Ford saw promise in this beautiful black seer, and embraced her into the Tremere clan. She took control of the city when Michael Moorecock, a Ventrue from LA, killed Beth.

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Born: 1625
Embraced: 1654
Sire: Lord Ford Radek
Childer: Akari (FD 1999), Micky Denzol (FD 2003), Zane Hughes (FD 1999)
Ghouls: Terry Smith, Alida Monroe, Mary Rodgers, Aslynn Brahm, Devin Boon, Richard Ghouley
Owns: Elissa's
Jesters Main Floor Basement Second Floor

Ford Radek - Tremere Lord Tremere Regent - Lord Ford Radek was born in Wales long before William invaded England. He spent many years in the British Isles before traveling to America. He has lived in the Salem area since the Revolutionary War.
Childer: Terry Kane (FD 1939), Elvira Van Dorn, Alden Monroe
Ghoul: Sam Forrester, Benjamin, Graham

Alden Monroe - Tremere Primogen Tremere Primogen - Alden Monroe came to America on the advice of his father, hoping to win his fortune. He drew the attention of Ford Radek and was embraced into the Tremere clan. He became Primogen when Elvira took over as prince of Salem.
Born: 1711
Embraced: 1743
Sire: Lord Ford Radek
Ghouls: Courtney Burn, Bronwyn McBeth

Zora Yale - Tremere Tremere Keeper of the Scrolls - Zora Yale took over as the chantry Keeper when her sire died in 1939. She is extremely loyal to the Tremere Clan, and has been known to favor shapeshifters for company.
Born: 1812
Embraced: 1837
Sire: Terry Kane (FD 1939)
Childer: Jax Knight
Ghouls: Jordan Thomas, Lane

Micky George - Tremere Late Head of Chantry Security - Micky Denzol was once a member of The Jesters, a band that was the pop hit of the 1960s. His talent drew Elvira to him, and she ghouled him until she could gain Beth's permission to embrace him. After she became prince, Micky took over as Sheriff of the city, ghouling an Inquisitor that he later fell in love with. Due to increased security risks, he was in charge of security for the Chantry itself until his car exploded, sending him to final death.
Born: 1943
Embraced: 1988
Final Death: 2003
Sire: Elvira Van Dorn
Childer: Sarah Hamilton, Lydia James

Sarah Hamilton - Tremere When Sarah Hamilton learned her parents were killed by a vampire, she resigned from the FBI and joined the Inquisition. In her first year at the Salem Cenaculum, she was ghouled by Micky. When her insane brother came to town determined to make her Brujah like himself, Micky found her in time to make her Tremere. After Micky's death, Sarah's temper became uncontrollable and she was sent to Nashville to clean up her act. After some time she managed to get a hold on it and was able to return to Salem.

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Born: 1967
Embraced: 1997
Sire: Micky Denzol (FD 2003)
Ghouls: Sabien and Lucien Martin
Owns: Far East Imports Exports

Zane Hughes - Tremere The late Zane Hughes was once a member of the Inquisition. When he got too close to the prince, Elvira embraced him. Zane fought the chains of the Tremere a little too long, even after he was blood bound to the clan, and eventually Elvira was forced to have him killed.
Embraced: 1997
Final Death: 2000
Sire: Elvira Van Dorn

Tyler Keith - Tremere Although Tyler Keith is of Beth Bathori's blood line, he never agreed with the extreme measures that she took to control the city. When she met final death, he decided to stay in Salem.
Born: 1852
Embraced: 1923
Sire: Gary Mascetti (FD 1971)
Ghouls: Hester Crandall, Isaiah

Cormac Brennan - Tremere Cormac Brennan was embraced to stop him from hunting. He lost all memory of his mortal life until he was reunited with his lost love. Cormac was killed while defeating the demon Marbas. For more information about Cormac, please click on his picture.
Embraced: 1979
Final Death: 1999
Sire: Dougal Galloway (FD 1995)
Childer: James Price

Neal Ferguson- Tremere Neal Ferguson has always been a ladies man. That trait has kept him on the prince's good side, even though he was of Beth Bathori's bloodline.
Born: 1926
Embraced: 1946
Sire: Mark Stanley (FD 1971)
Ghoul: Cybil Cutter

Lydia Jamess - Tremere Lydia James lived nearly two hundred years as Ford's ghoul and bodyguard. When the Tremere population of Salem dwindled and security was threatened, she gladly accepted the Embrace.
Born: 1920
Embraced: 2000
Sire: Micky Denzol (FD 2003)
Ghoul: Ethan

Jax Knight - Tremere Head of Chantry Security - Jax Knight stood by Zora's side through thick and thin, loyal to the clan though it nearly cost him his life more than once. When the clan began looking to increase their numbers, he jumped at the chance to become one of them at last.
Born: 1892
Embraced: 2000
Sire: Zora Yale

James Price - Tremere Sheriff - James was embraced when he came too close to the truth about the Kindred in Salem. Due to properties in his sire's blood, he remembers nothing prior to his embrace. He became the Sheriff of the city when his sire was killed in a battle with a Demon in Edinburgh. For more information about James, please click on his picture.
Born: 1969
Embraced 1999
Sire: Cormac Brennan (FD 2000)
Ghoul: Eddie Lane, Jake Thornton, Jonah Evans
Owns: House

Bruce Blackwell - Tremere For more information about Bruce Blackwell, please click on his picture.

Victoria Monroe - Tremere Victoria Monroe came to Salem to investigate the chantry on behalf of the clan and remained in town to stay close to her new love.

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Childer: James Edwards

Brenda Thompson Brown - Tremere For more information about Brenda Thompson Brown, please click on her picture.
Childer: Rafe Brown
Ghoul: Howie Dorough

Joseph Edwards - Tremere For more information about Joseph Edwards, please click on his picture.
Embraced: 1999
Sire: Victoria Monroe
Ghoul: Cordelia Chase

Rafe Brown - Tremere For more information about Rafe Brown, please click on his picture.
Embraced: 2000
Sire: Brenda Thompson-Brown


Howie Dorough - Tremere Ghoul For more information about Howie Durough, please click on his picture.
Domitor: Brenda Thompson-Brown

Cordelia Chase Edwards - Tremere Ghoul Cordelia was once Angel's ghoul, but when she and Joseph Edwards fell in love, Angel released her from her bonds. She became pregnant by her lover, but before they could be married, he was killed by a demon. Due to a curse laid upon Joseph by Victoria Monroe, he didn't die, he woke up a vampire. After the birth of their child, Cordelia went willingly into the bonds of blood.
Domitor: Joseph Edwards

Aislynn Brahm - Inquisitor and Tremere Ghoul For years Aslynn Brahm hunted vampires and other creatures of the night. When Zane Hughes and Sarah Hamilton were embraced, Aslynn searched long and hard to find out what happened to her friends. Her search brought her something she never expected to find: a master.
Domitor: Elvira Van Dorn
Lives: St. Stephen's Cenaculum

Eddie Lane - Tremere Ghoul For more information about Eddie Lane, please click on his picture.
Domitor: James Price

Jake Thornton - Tremere Ghoul Jake Thornton was a jock in high school, playing football mostly and some baseball. Jake went right into the army after graduation, and spent 8 years there, 4 in America, and 4 abroad doing peacekeeping work, where he learned Russian and German fluently.

Once back home, Jake worked as a rent-a-cop to put himself through school, and though he wasn't totally thrilled with the job, it paid the bills.

One night Jake was shot by a crack-head while on duty. During his recuperation, he traveled the East Coast, and came across an old Army buddy, James Price. While James didn't remember Jake, he was willing to make Jake an offer he couldn't refuse.
Domitor: Eddie Lane

Richard Ghouley - Tremere Ghoul Richard Ghouley is the Chantry Butler.
Domitor: Elvira Van Dorn

Mary Rogers - Tremere Ghoul Mary Rogers is the Tremere Chantry Housekeeper
Domitor: Elvira Van Dorn

Alida Monroe - Tremere Ghoul Alida is Elvira's personal Musician.
Domitor: Elvira Van Dorn

Jordon Thomas - Tremere Ghoul Domitor: Zora Yale

Terry Smith - Tremere Ghoul Terry Smith is Elvira's personal Maid
Domitor: Elvira Van Dorn

Tatum Anderson
Hester Crandall
Jonah Evans
Cybil Cutter
Bronwyn McBeth