What's New

10/15/17 - Added episodes of Plastic!Descent and one of Plastic!Breaking Bonds. Linked Seattle Bastet to Darcy.

8/10/17 - Added episodes of Plastic!Breaking Bonds. Fixed many broken links (does no one check this but me? Obviously I fail)

8/5/17 - Added episode 4 of Plastic!Descent.

7/30/17 - Added episode 6 of Plastic!Breaking Bonds.

11/30/14 - Added fiction for Ariel Espenosa in Nashville.

8/28/14 - Added episode 5 of Plastic!Breaking Bonds.

8/21/14 - Added another episode of Plastic!Breaking Bonds.

8/13/14 - Added two episodes of Plastic!Breaking Bonds.

7/23/14 - Added short story 'Memories' to Christina's Fiction. Added scattered inconsequential information to various city pages, along with important characters for some of the cities.

7/18/14 - Added short story 'Rescue' to Christina's Fiction.

7/6/14 - Added Plastic!Breaking Bonds.

5/21/14 - Fixed some issues, added a link to Plastic Theater from the index page. Tried to figure out why I haven't updated the 'What's New' page or the last updated date of the site even though I've made changes in the last year and a half.

1/11/13 - updated many pages in Detroit, including characters. Updated some pages in Seattle.

11/25/12 - updated Jessie's background page. Added Darcy's background, allies and Seattle pages. Updated Characters page, Nashville Ventrue and Nosferatur, LA Tremere, Toreador and Malkavian, Detroit Toreador, Salem Ventrue, Los Vegas Nosferatu, Ventrue, Cordelones, and Luchianos, and OKC Ventrue and Ravnos pages.

6/7/12 - Added Plastic!Fiction for Elvira Van Dorn.

5/27/12 - Added Plastic!Cast pages for several of the Plastic!Theater stories.

5/19/12 - Added music for Christina, Jason and Luke. Fixed a few issues with Jason's fiction.

5/15/12 - Updated information on the LA Mages, including the Magika Heira Coven. Killed Kirk Goodson and added Demarco Talluto in the Salem Ventrue. Corrected error on Detroit Strong Security Agency page. Changed gallery link for Detroit Lasting Skin Art and Hog Island Bayford Pakc and Cedar View Chantry.

4/30/12 - Moved Christina to LA. Updated backgrounds for Christina, Jason, Frasier, Michael, Talon, Antonio, Luke, Carmen and Scott. Fixed link to Siofra on the Character Pictures page. Corrected Robert's background. Updated Corrine and Kala's background. Made corrections on the Flint Brujah and Tremere pages. Fixed links to Galleries so that all character gallery links open in a new window.

3/28/12 - added several changing breed and vampire characters to Nashville. Added Scott Matthews to LA and fixed links to him and Carmen on Characters and Photos pages.

3/26/12 - Made minor corrections. Change celebrity used for Luke Thomas. Added info for Nashville Mummies and LA's Magika Hiera Coven.

3/12/12 - Added an episode of Plastic!Character Theater for Eliza.

3/10/12 - Made some minor changes, trying to get all misc graphics links to point to the Coppermine Gallery. Established format in city pages for characters who have met final death. Uploaded fiction for Sebastian Ritter.

3/9/12 - Added Magika Hiera Coven and Carmen Gutierrez to LA. Did minor changes to OKC. Updated mage information for several Salem Covens. Updated lots of stuff for Salem, including divorcing Brenda and Rafe.

3/6/12 - Updated Gangrel, Malkavian and Madelynne's pages in Detroit. Fixed a few previous changes in Nashville. Made a few refinements in Flint. Moved Christina, Frasier and Petor to Las Vegas as well as made other minor changes in the city. Updated and refined some information in LA. Made additional updates in Montreal.

3/6/12 - Updated lots of information in Nashville (nearly every page), added Sebastian Ritter to the character list, added a quote to the Quotes page.

2/15/12 - Added NPCs to LA and updated Meg Carmichael's background.

4/27/11 - fixed some issues with LA Tremere, changed some pictures of Lena to reflect new celebrity used for her image. Added Ratkin to Montreal.

4/9/11 - Did some updating for cities and characters, including killing Duncan Masters, embracing Kristin Saunders, and correcting several Character Allies and City pages, mostly in Detroit, Nashville and Salem. Added rough draft of Praying for Forgiveness, a Christina Strong fiction.

3/22/11 - Completed changing gallery links to the Coppermine Photo Gallery. And, oh, Goddess, why didn't anyone tell me I had so many broken links?!?!?!?

12/5/10 - Fixed a few things around the site. Continued changing links for galleries to the Coppermine Photo Gallery

11/11/10 - Implemented a Coppermine Photo Gallery - still in progress of changing links.

8/12/10- Added information to Montreal Toreador. Moved Sarah back to Salem. Added more Nashville locations to the main Nashville Page and made minor changes to Kindred clan pages.

11/26/09 - Added a second episode to Plastic!Theater for Carla.

8/6/09 - Added a second episode to Plastic!Theater for Kiran.

7/14/09 - Fixed the Tremere Chantry page in Salem. Added graphics for Aiden, Ariel, Caitlyn Rose, Enola, Gabriel, Flint Mage, Leianna, Rowan, Nashville Ventrue, Added Plastic!Theater in Fiction for Christina. Removed White Wolf graphic from page as they seem to have done away with it.

3/16/08 - Added Plastic!Theater in Fiction for Eliza. Added fiction for Brenda. Added graphics for Aiden, Brenda, Rafe, Michael, Chris/tina, Jared, Corrine, Cormac, Eliza, Joel, Nik, Rowan, Riley, Howie, Kiran, Michael's Pride, and Jason. Changed Rafe to reflect new status. Changed backgrounds for Antonio, Christina, Rafe, Brenda, Howie, Petor and Frasier. Changed Tina (back) to Christina Strong to reflect recent happenings. Fixed Kiran's thumbnail pic on the Fiction page. Changed Detroit and Salem Tremere pages.

10/25/07 - Added Plastic!Theater in Fiction for Brenda

9/24/07 - Fixed links on Jason's Allies page. Added Plastic!Changes for Jason's fiction. Added main Plastic!Character Theater page.

7/15/07 - Added Plastic!Theater in Fiction for Kiran.

6/29/07 - Added Plastic!Theater in Fiction for Carla.

3/21/07 - Added Icons for Eliza.

12/30/06 - Updated graphics for Cara, Michaela, Detroit Gangrel, Enola, Sean, Sal, Emily, Kala, Dances, Tina, Kristin, Madelynne, Flint Mage, Logan, Cormac, Corrine, Eliza, Rowan, Riley, Nik, Hog Island, Lucy, Jason, Evelyn, Carla.

11/28/06 - Added Kiran Fiction. Added graphics for Elvira, Nashville Dreamwalkers, Michaela, Nik, Riley, Rowan, Jared, Kristin, Enola, New York, Leianna, Dances-at-Twilight, Joel and Nina. Added Nina to the Photos page.

11/2/06 - Add wallpaper to Miscellaneous Photos, Aiden, Eve, Jaidyn, Erin, Keelie, Leianna, New York NPCs, Jason, Luke, Logan, Caitlyn Rose, Carla, Cormac, Corrine, Joel, Nik, Riley, Rowan, and graphics for Eliza. Added Prophecies to Hog Island. Updated Logan and Sean's background, added Sal Morgan, including allies and gallery pages. Updated Character, Characters by Photos, Photos, and WDF Wallpaper pages. Updated the Detroit Gangrel and Tremere pages to include information learned during Tina's stay in Detroit. Corrected errors on Caitlyn's 'Nightmares and Dreamscapes' and Jason's 'The End is Near'. Fixed Corrine's 'Finding My Way' page. Fixed Cormac's 'As You Wish' page. Fixed Tina's music 'Choices' page. Added 'Scars' to Eliza's fiction.

9/13/06 - Fixed link for Dragon's Breath graphic. Fixed thumbnails on Brennan Twins' fiction. Fixed Nik's graphics page. Added graphic to Joel's that should have been there all along. Fixed link on Photos page to Luke's graphics. Fixed typos in Jason's fiction. Added link to Lena's Gallery on the Photos page. Added link to Michael's Pack on Kiran's pages. Fixed Caitlyn Rose's site links. Fixed Natalie's name on the character page, her backround and allies pages, and her thumbnail. Fixed Vincent Maitland's thumbnail. Added Fiction for Caitlyn Rose. Added graphics to Aiden's ficlet. Added graphics for Aiden, Ariel, Cormac, Corrine, Detroit Lasting Skin Art, Detroit Ventrue, Eliza, Isa, Kala, Lena, Lisette, Kiran, Montreal Michael's Pack, Montreal Tremere, Nik, Riley and Rowan.

9/5/06 - Added fiction for Jason. Added graphics for Ariel, Brenda, Caitlyn Rose, Cormac, Corrine, Dances-at-Twilight, Detroit Gangrel, Detroit Toreador, Detroit Ventrue, Duncan, Edward, Enola, Eliza, Estrea, Flint Mage, Heather, Jason, Jean-Rene, Joel, Kala, Kiran, Leianna, Logan, Lucy, Madelynne, Mary, Montreal Michael's Pride, Nashville Ventrue, Rafe, Tina, Salem Tremere, Warchild and Miscellaneous Characters. Added new Quote.

7/17/06 - Added graphics for Aiden, Ariel, Brenda, Caitlyn Rose, Carla, Dances-at-Twilight, Heather, Hog Island, Jean-Rene, Leianna, Rowan, Riley, Nik, Tina.

7/8/06 - Change a pic on Kiran's gallery. Fixed pic on Brenda's fiction Michael's Goodbye. Added music for Eliza. Added Kala's shop.

6/2/06 - added Kala Anderson and updated the Flint mage and Tremere pages. Also fixed Belle's Allies page and the LA Caitiff page. Added music to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Nashville.

4/8/06 - Added "Living in Exile: Returning to the Fold" to Tina Andrews' fiction. Added SSA link to Kristen's pages. Added "Man Trouble" to Leianna Kenedy.

4/4/06 - Changed Joel's background picture, added graphics for Caitlyn Rose and fixed Jake's background.

3/29/06 - Completely new layout. Changed most fiction to .pdf files and posted complete stories for many of the older fiction. Fiction for Gitana and Jessie have been removed, and Victoria's is not ready to be posted yet. Many of the gaming pages have not been converted but should still work.

2/1/06 - Added information and pictures for many Detroit clans. Added Shades of Character music.

1/22/06 - Added pictures for nearly every Detroit Vampire clan. Added information and pictures to many Las Vegas pages. Added pictures for LA Mage, Caitiff, Ventrue and Nosferatu. Added Sacramento Witches. Added graphics for Gitana, Meg, Eliza, Mac and Kiran.

1/20/06 - Fixed a few errors that were finally pointed out to me on the Salem Tremere and Black Rose coven pages, the Hog Island Bayford Pack page, and Logan's 'Living on the Edge' fiction.

1/19/06 - Added more genealogy, and began adding our PC and NPC information to it.

1/5/06 - Added Mage and Vampire information to Gaming section.

1/3/06 - Added Character Comparisons and Conversions, Weapons information and Aura listing to the Gaming Information section.

12/30/05 - Added graphics for Eliza, Mac, Corrine, Brennan Twins, Lucy, Logan, Leianna, Dances, Jessie, Christian, Carla, Caitlyn Rose and Tina. Added Background, Allies and Gallery pages for Kristin Saunders. Added fiction for Nathan and updated his background.

12/8/05 - Added a lot of Bastet information. More to come.

11/29/05 - Began adding gaming mechanics information, starting with NPC and Villain detail, and some Changing Breeds.

10/22/05 - Added background and allies pages and fiction for the Brennan twins. Fixed many of the errors in Tina: The Price to Pay.

10/16/05 - Posted the remainder of 'The Price to Pay' for Tina's fiction. Added graphics for Tina, wallpaper for Petor, Caitlyn Rose and Carla. Began rebuilding the navigation buttons on the bottom of the fiction pages.

10/15/05 - Added complete story of 'Choices' for Tina, integrating what had been posted for 'Rebuilding', and one chapter for 'The Price to Pay'.

9/22/05 - Added background information for the Cedar View Chantry and the Bayford Pack in Hog Island. Added When Darkness Falls wallpaper for the following characters: Alec, Alexis, Blake, and Faethor to the Misc Characters Photos page, Kristin and the Countess to the Detroit Tremere page, The Frenchman to the Detroit Ventrue page, Jeremy and Pierce to Edinburgh, Alexandria to her gallery page, Stuart to the Flint Ventrue page, Lacey and Tamara to Hog Island Cedar View Chantry page, Hannah and Sadie to Hog Island Bayford Pack page, Estrea to LA Caitiff Page, Ben and Brandy to the LA Toreador page, Nina to LA Tremere page, Jennifer to Montreal Quinn Sisters page, and Shea to Montreal Skye House Page.

9/18/05 - Added graphics for Anna, Caitlyn Rose, Eliza, Leianna, Riley and Tina. Added Patrick to Detroit Gangrel page. Added Kirstin to Detroit Tremere page. Moved Tina, Frasier and Petor to Detroit Tremere page as an independents. Added Kristin Saunders to the Detroit Tremere page. Fixed links at bottom of pages.

8/28/05 Added Nick Kennedy to Salem Ventrue. Added music for Nick Kennedy. Added Music for Jason. Changed style of pics for dead characters (Micky George, David Richardson) and added Zane back to Salem Tremere. Added graphics for Warchild, Heather, Tina, Brenda, Jason, Madelynne, Anna and Isa. Added link to WoD Network, and another graphic to link to me. Added Fiction for Elvira.

8/9/05 - New fiction for Nik Fenian, Eliza and Tina. Added graphics for Detroit Gangrel, Heather, Lisette, Lucy, Montreal Skye House, Tina, Salem Tremere, and Salem Ventrue. Fixed ALL of the wallpaper to have the new address at the bottom. Fixed all of the pages with the link to my e-mail address to have the new e-mail address slaysvamps @ whendarknessfalls.net. Put the 'what's new' button back on the links at left.

7/30/05 - Due to problems with my free web hosting service, I finally sprung for my own domain and paid hosing. Welcome to www.whendarknessfalls.net.

6/23/05 - Added Widescreen Wallpapers (1280 x 800 resolution) for Cara, Dances, Eliza, Gabrielle, Heather, Jason, Jessie, Logan, Lucy, Luke, Madelynne and Tina. Added graphics for Corrine, Dances, Eliza, Gabrielle/Edinburgh, Jason, Joel, LA Gangrel, Mac and Tina. Added Lorelei to Characters. Added quote from the latest hunter game. Changed Elvira Van Dorn in Salem, and added WDF and other wallpaper for her.

4/15/05 - Added bigger graphics and city quotes for some cities that didn't have them. Added two quotes. Added graphics for Alexandria, Ariel, Beth, Eliza, Brenda, Caitlyn Rose, Cara, Corrine, Gabrielle, LA Gangrel, Leianna, Montreal's Sky House Chantry, Tina, New York. Added music for Carla. Changed the celebrity we're using for Luke Thomas.

2/1/05 - Added Graphics to Taryn, changed her graphics to reflect her marriage, and her background to reflect the birth of her son. Changed Brenda's main picture. Added pic of Jeremy Krenecker to Edinburgh page. Added graphics for Alexandria, Cormac, Corrine, Eliza, Caitlyn Rose, Keelie, Leianna, Tina, Mia, Nashville Daughters, Edinburgh, Salem Black Rose Coven, and New York. Added 2 chapters of fiction for Meg.

12/30/04 - Totally restructured file system for site. Removed Harley, Jonathan, and Jenny. Added quote from much earlier game. Removed dead links from Links page. Corrected many, many errors (where are you people who are supposed to be checking my work?!?!?!). Changed Nik's thumbnail. Added graphics for Eliza, Belle, Corrine, Ariel, Brenda, Mia, Lisette, and Siofra. Added newest Soundtrack for Eliza: The Last Remaining LIght. Gave Alexandria her own graphics page, and added graphics for her. Gave Emma her own graphics page, and added graphics for her. Added Denver. Added a page for Jake Thornton, and added him to Salem Tremere and Allies. Moved Sloan from Sky House to Red Moon Pack. Moved many graphics from the misc photos page to the city pages for those without a gallery page. Changed Detroit Gangrel to reflect recent deaths there.

11/12/04 - Added pictures and information for Flint Vampires. Added wallpaper for Tina. Fixed and added some information to Salem. Added Wallpaper for Eddie and James. Changed quote on Montreal. Revised City page. Added bookmarks for the Brennan Twins. Added graphics for Siofra, Belle, Anna, Beth, Kiran, Eliza, Caitlyn Rose, Gabrielle, Madelynne, Heather, Mia and Michaela. Added graphics for Lily to Montreal Sky House page. Added bookmarks for Nik Fenian to Misc Characters page. Added fiction for Carla: Descent. Added Quotes.

9/24/04 - Added graphics for Eliza, Cormac, Emily, Carla, Kiran. Added background for Kiran. Added more pages for Montreal. Added music for Dances, Corrine and Anna. Added fiction for Mia. Added more WDF wallpapers.

7/25/04 - Added graphics for Carla, Brieanna, Beth, Gabrielle, the Brennan twins, Vegas Luchiano, Ventrue, Mage and Cordelone. Added Montreal to Cities. Added pages for Kiran Michaels, Emily Watson and Mia Waits. Added 3 quotes from the newest game, set in Montreal.

6/6/04 - Moved the rest of Brieanna's pics from the misc pictures page to her gallery page. Moved more NPC pics to the city pages. Working on getting LA up and running. Added Brieanna and Carla's backgrounds. Added information about NPCs in Vegas. Added main city pages for each City by Night. Added graphics for many characters including Brieanna, Carla, and Madelynne, Tina, Eliza, Corrine, the Johnson twins, and the Brennan twins.

4/9/04 - Revised parts of Nashville and Salem to include NPC backgrounds, location maps, and links. Added location maps for some OKC Clans, and for Gitana. Added page for Joel Fenian, Brieanna Hartwick and Carla Blair. Updated the Quotes page. Added graphics for Eliza, Corrine, Brenda, Victoria, Madelynne, Anna, Tina and others. Removed Spike's page mostly because he'd only been played in one session, his background was one sentence, and I'm running out of room for my web site.

3/21/04 - Oh, dear goddess, I've done so much. I've eliminated most of the 800x600 wallpapers due to space considerations. I've added so many graphics to so many characters, I couldn't even begin to tell you who or what. I've added some location spots to some characters, and cities. Working on redesigning the city pages, but haven't gotten too far yet. Thought I'd upload what I've done so far, otherwise it's gonna be way too much to handle at once. I've got 2 or 3 new character pages that need to go up, but that's gonna wait for another day. Removed Mikayla from the main page.

2/1/04 - Added fun pics, wallpaper and bookmarks for many, many characters. Added WDF Wallpaper for many characters. Added gallery pages for Jaya, Lena, Siofra, Glenn and Michael. Reorganized the wallpapers on the miscellaneous photos page. Really added Victoria fiction this time. Added quotes from recent games. Added background, allies and gallery page for Belle Fairfax, Jackie's dhampyr character, and Taryn Menendes, my Verbena character.

12/28/03 - Added fun pics for many characters including Madelynne and Dances, a merged pic of Mac and Eliza, WDF Wallpaper for Brenda, LIsette, Mac, Beth, Matthew, Rafe, Jenny, and Michael, and fiction for Victoria. Added wallpaper for Corrine, Eliza, and one for Jessica Lonetree, a Kinfolk of Flint. Added small pic of Gwrhyr to Mac's Allies page. Updated backgrounds for Anna, Glenn, Estrea, Tina, Luke, Talon, Emma, Natalie, Antonio, Nina, Meg and Michael. Added background and Allies page for Gabriel.

11/17/03 - Added to galleries of Antonio, Brenda, Tina, Caitlyn, Lisette, Mac, Eliza, Corrine, Jason, Frasier, Rafe, Glenn and Siofra. Added WDF wallpaper for Jared and many other NPCs.

10/21/03 - Did some minor changes on some of the fiction pages. Changed the actor I'm using for Jared. Added WDF wallpapers for Lisette, Brenda, Glenn and Jessie, and a wallpaper for Mac and Eliza. Added a chapter to Logan: Living on the Edge. Finally added chapters to Eliza: The Last Remaining Light. Also added chapters from the developing Corrine: Lost and Found and a quote from the actual game it's based on. Finally took off the pics of my grandkids.

9/15/03 - Fixed a few more errors, and changed Mac and Eliza's background to reflect their marriage. Added 2 wallpapers for Eliza, 1 for Mac, and 1 WDF wallpaper for Antonio.

9/9/03 - Fixed a bunch of screw ups that were pointed out to me recently, mostly with allies pages and gallery links.

8/30/03 - Fixed all my screw ups. Added a 404 page.

8/29/03 - Began adding When Darkness Falls Character Wallpaper. Changed Eliza's name to reflect her newly married status. Changed Anna's quote. Added quotes.

8/10/03 - Added more pics of the grandkids, last batch, I promise.

8/5/03 - Temporarily added pics of my grandkids cause they're too big for e-mail.

7/26/03 - Added manipulated photos for Eliza, Corrine, Tina, Madelynne, Cormac, Anne, Lena and Mikael, fun pics for Eliza, Lisette and many others, wallpaper for Dances, Harleyanne, Jeremy, Eliza and many others. Added new quotes. Fixed incorrect small character pictures.

6/7/03 - Fixed Logan's Gallery, fixed Photos Index, added Madelynne's music.

6/5/03 - Mostly fine tuning, changed characters to reflect Cormac's resurrection, added some merged photos of Logan and Jeremy, Lena and Mikael, and Mac and Eliza.

5/14/03 - Added music for Victoria, additional music for Michael, Eddie Lane, pictures for Howie D. Updated Logan's background and new status, added fiction for her. Changed a bunch of backgrounds to reflect Cormac's death, added fiction for Eliza and Brenda. Changed the thumbnail pics of Kindred to a better frame. Lots more changes I can't remember.

11/30/02 - Complete revamp of the site, new layout, new graphics, new character pictures. Additional fiction for several characters and several new quotes. Moved Tina to Caitiff. Changed Meg from Brujah to Ventrue. Added the New York 1920s vampires.

8/28/02 - Removed BeSeen hit counter. Added more chapters to the following fiction for Eliza: Coming Out of the Dark, Walking in the Light, Shadows of the Past, and Dark Embrace. Added the following fiction for Christina: Season of the Witch and Tina Graves' Diary. Added more letters to Tina: Rebuilding. Added Season of the Witch to Christina's Music. Added better graphic for Gitana: Quest for the Three. Fixed various links on some character pages.

7/20/02 - Corrected many links, added more fiction for Eliza, added gallery for Christina and added Tina's information to Christina (they are the same character, after all), removed Lauren from main page.

5/22/02 - Added more fiction for Caitlyn, Lena, and Tina, and Music for many of the characters.

5/7/02 - Added fiction for Caitlyn, Lena, and chapters to Tina: Finding Myself.

4/8/02 - Revamped (no pun intended) the Fiction section, changed some of the smaller Eliza and Frasier pics. Added pic of Lauren to main page.

3/13/02 - Added more web rings and updated Salem Tremere

3/6/02 - Added more fiction for Dances-at-Twilight

3/5/02 - Updated most character backgrounds, added a lot to Nashville

2/19/02 - Revised Logan's Fiction to most updated version

1/31/02 - Added fiction for Tina and added to her allies, more quotes from current game, and fixed the links page.

1/22/02 - Added fiction for Tina and link for Yahoo group.

1/1/02 - Fixed several links on the Links page.

12/31/01 - Added links to Tina on main character pages. Updated Nashville. Fixed link to Brenda's fiction. Updated Quotes. Fixed tracker on index page.

12/6/01 - Updated backgrounds for all characters closely related to Christina.

10/9/11 - Placed the White Wolf Web Ring on the proper page as instructed in hopes that I finally do get on the World of Darkness Web Ring.

9/11/01 - Added award for fiction contest for Helen's Reclaiming on sanguinus.com.

9/4/01 - Added some fiction and updated broken links.

7/20/01 - Added quotes and fiction to Christina, fixed links page, and added award for winning fiction contest for Searching for Jason on sanguinus.com.

7/10/01 - Added ghouls to Detroit Brujah and additional chapters to Christina: Lost Souls. Updated Salem Tremere and Brujah.

6/10/01 - Fixed the Quotes page, the header for Las Vegas Mages, added two characters with fiction, and corrected Duncan's background.

5/28/01 - Totally new look for When Darkness Falls. Includes some new characters, and additional fiction.

3/31/01 - Added more pics to Nashville and Salem, and also to Logan and some Eliza fiction.

3/25/01 - Added quotes and ALT's for some graphics.

3/9/01 - Added eXTReMe Tracking and made minor changes in Nashville, Flint and Salem.

3/8/01 - Added quote, and joined several web rings.

3/3/01 - Added text based character index.

3/2/01 - Added quotes, fiction for Logan Servantez, and pictures to Eliza Gentry fiction.

2/26/01 - Changed many city pages to add more pictures.

2/14/01 - Added a few more characters and updated Salem Brujah and Tremere.

1/31/01 - Added Warchild and Emma Hughes, and Fiction for Corrine Wright. Also changed my disclaimer in the hopes that White Wolf will actually add me to their officially sanctioned list.

1/26/01 - Updated the Hunter information after the end of the story

1/21/01 - Added two of Estrea's Ghouls, e-mail to the bottom of fiction indexes.

1/14/01 - Reviewed and updated the Links page. Added Glenn and Siofra Johnson and Bobby Lonetree to the Characters pages.

1/9/01 - Added Fiction for Brenda Thompson

12/9/00 - Major revamp of site, new graphics, new characters, new fiction.

11/7/00 - Joined the World of Darkness Character Ring

10/29/00 - Major changes. Added links and Hunter: The Reckoning symbols

10/28/00 - Changed Character Index pages

10/11/00 - Added counter and guestbook, along with a few cool gifs. Changed site name (didn't like the old one, not sure I like the new one but it's better).

10/8/00 - Added Shapeshifters and Lasombra to Detroit. Corrected information about Gabrielle Marie. Added 'What's New' page.

10/5/00 - Added Detroit to the site.

10/8/00 - Made corrections to some of the fiction pages.

10/2/00 - Corrected Background problem and many link problems.

9/20/00 - Added Characters to site. Fixed many links and NPC picture problems on the city pages.