Jason Kline - Gangrel

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Jason: Plastic!Changes

Jason Kline - Nosferatu Jason Kline was embraced Nosferatu against his will. Unable to come to terms with his new deformities, he abandoned the woman he loved.

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Lady Lena Stockton - Mortal Lady Lena Stockton was given the Holding by Talon Graves. She was kidnapped and taken to an alternate dimension shortly after she realized she was pregnant with Mikael's child

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Mikael Provinof - Child of Gaia Mikael Provinof was born and raised at The Holding. He fell in love with Lena when she took over ownership of the area.

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Christina Strong - Tremere Christina Strong was devastated when Jason abandoned her. She had moved on with her life when she learned that Lena had been abducted and hurried to the Holding to try and help.

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Frasier O'Connell - Tremere Ghoul Frasier O'Connell has always loved adventure. When the opportunity came to follow a beautiful woman into an alternate dimension, he was more than ready to agree, even if he had to drink her blood to do it.

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Luke Thomas - Gangrel Luke Thomas did his best to help Christina get over the fact that the love of her life abandoned her.

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Luke Thomas - Gangrel Talon Graves has been Jason's friend for many years, both before and after Jason's embrace.

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