Los Angeles After Dark



Talon Graves - Gangrel Prince: For more information about Graves, please click on his picture.
Embraced: 1995

Michelle Rourke - Gangrel Primogen - Elias Turay came to LA in 2003 at the request of the prince. Soon after arriving, he began a relationship with Meg Carmichael.

Michelle Rourke - Gangrel Sheriff - Michelle Rourke was among those who were "killed" in the massacre of St. Bartholomew's in Paris in 1572 where 8000 protestants were killed. She was saved by her sire, Suzette James. She lived in Boston before coming to LA.
Born: 4/18/1544
Embraced: 1572
Sire: Suzette James

Luke Thomas - Gangrel Luke was raised during the end of the Depression in Colorado. He protested mining when he was human. He created a childe in the 60s that was killed by a Lasombra while they lived in Seattle. He has been searching for the Kindred ever since to enact his revenge. 5 years ago a hunter found he was a vampire and has been hunting him.
Born: March 15, 1930
Embraced: 1955
Sire: Ann Latham
Childe: Darrell Lawrence (FD 1969), Alon Ebon
For more information about Luke Thomas, please click on his picture.

Jason Kline - Gangrel Jason Kline was once a priest who hunter vampires. Then he became a vampire's ghoul. Now he is Kindred and struggling to make his way through the darkness of the night.
For more information about Jason Kline, please click on his picture.
Embraced: 1997
Sire: Luke Thomas (not widely known)

Clay McBride - Gangrel Clay McBride was a skater dude who grew up in OKC and by the grace of Fate his sire got him into LA after the clan wars of 1999. Unfortunately, he was killed at the beginning of the Yakusa war that rocked the city.
Born: 6/2/1911
Embraced: 1935
Final Death: 2003
Sire: Lena McGee

Michelle Rourke - Gangrel Alon Ebon - tattoo artist
Sire: Luke Thomas