Eliza Brennan - Dhampyr

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Eliza: Plastic!Coming out of the Dark

Eliza Gentry - Dhampyr Eliza Gentry was born Dhampyr - the child of a vampire. For the last nineteen years she has done her best to forget the love of her life and protect only person who matters to her.

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Lord Ford Radek - Tremere Lord Ford Radek is the head of the Tremere Chantry in Salem, Mass.

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Sarah Hamilton - Tremere Sarah Hamilton was once a member of the Inquisition. Now she is the childe of Micky George.

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Stephen Brennan - Stargazer Brother Stephen Brennan spent many years searching for his lost uncle. Once he found Cormac, they both found more family than they knew existed.

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Jax Knight - Tremere Ghoul Jax Knight has been a Tremere ghoul for a long, long time.

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Cormac Brennan - Tremere Cormac Brennan lost all his memories when he became a vampire. He came to Salem to help his Kindred sister and found so much more than he bargained for.

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Elvira Van Dorn - Tremere Elvira Van Dorn is the Kindred Prince of Salem, and a member of the Tremere Clan.

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Corrine Wright - Dreamspeaker Corrine Wright grew up knowing that she was adopted, but not knowing that her mother was much closer than she imagined.

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Micky George - Tremere Micky George is the Kindred Sheriff of Salem, and the Prince's Childe

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Brenda Thompson - Tremere Brenda Thompson was once a ghoul, but now she is a valued member of the Tremere Clan

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Zora Yale - Tremere Zora Yale is the Keeper of the Scrolls for the Tremere Chantry in Salem and is very loyal to the clan.

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Zora Yale - Tremere Kate Hepburn was born Prudence Gentry, and shortly after her embrace, she gave birth to Eliza Gentry. She has spent the years since then hiding that fact and doing her best to get ahead in the Tremere Clan.

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