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Dimitri - Ventrue Primogen Primogen - Dimitri was born in Greece where he was in the oil business. He came to America a few years after his embrace and lived in Texas for a while before moving to Las Vegas. Something happened shortly after his arrival in town to turn the Fae against him, but the details of the situation are unknown.
Born: 7/13/1798
Embraced: 1845
Childer: Tori Bell, Caroline Chambers
Ghouls: Ethan Morris, Lucas Graham, Jonathan Morris (EMT)
Owns: House

Caroline Chambers - Ventrue Caroline Chambers is the operator of the city's local Carnival. She was a teacher in India when she was mortal, and did a little missionary work as well. She returned home to England when her mother died. She was the sole heir and was embraced soon afterward when Dimitri was in England on business.
Born: 2/5/1852
Embraced: 1885
Sire: Dimitri
Ghouls: Ryan Embers, Tracy Lenn
Runs: O'Shea's - Carnival Entrance Carnival - Main Floor Carnival - Basement

Tori - Ventrue Tori Bell is one of the Harpys of Las Vegas. She met Dimitri in Texas where she grew up in Dallas in 1969. She was a socialite, a college girl. Dimitri was taken with her and dated her for a time. Eventually he embraced her and she came to Las Vegas. Tori and Dimitri soon out grew each other and turned their romantic attentions elsewhere.
Born: 10/4/1951
Embraced: 1971
Sire: Dimitri
Childe: Paul Loomis, Carla Blair (adopted)
Ghoul: Phillip Mendell

Carla Blair - Ventrue For more information about Carla, please see the Cordelone page, or click on her picture.
Born: 5/13/1977
Embraced: 7/2000
Sire: Andrew Campbell (FD 7/2000)
Adopted Sire: Tori

Paul Loomis - Ventrue Paul Loomis
Sire: Tori Bell
Childer: Jazz Wentworth (New Orleans), Allegra Skye (New Orleans)
Ghouls: Aaron Tripper, Andre Martinson
Runs: The Sphere
Owns: Home

Brieanna Hartwick - Ventrue For more information about Breianna, please click on her picture.
Embraced: 1/2001
Adopted Sire: Paul Loomis
Ghoul: Russell Nith


Ethan Morris - Ventrue Ghoul Domitor: Dimitri

Lucas Graham - Ventrue Ghoul Domitor: Dimitri

Russel Nith - Ventrue Ghoul Domitor: Brieanna Hartwick