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The Ventrue Clan once held great power in Nashville, until Wyatt Hamilton arrived and took over. In the years since his death they struggled to regain their power and finally set upon a course of action both the primogen and the whip could agree on: bring in a clan member to run the city. They approached the elders of their clan, and found Tristan D'Castilla, a prince looking for a city. Through many deals and negotiations with other clans, they managed to bring him to power. The clan own many of the tourist attractions in and around Nashville.


Tristan D'Castilla - Ventrue Prince - Tristan Cristoval Thomas D'Castilla, y de Leon, Rey de Castilla was the eldest son in line for title and lands in Castille, Spain. Unfortunately his home was burned by the Inquisition, who had come in search of Tristan's father. Believing his mother and younger brother dead, he took his sister to their Grandfather in England. In London, Tristan met Stuart Williams. After seven years of friendship, Stuart offered Tristan the embrace. Tristan returned to Spain shortly afterward and was reunited with his brother, who had been embraced by a Toreador. They lived in their family home for many years, then moved first to Madrid then to Berlin. When Nashville's Ventrue went looking for someone to replace the incompetent Daughter of Cacophony who ran the city, Stuart recommended Tristan, who sent in his child and a trusted friend to pave the way for his arrival. Tristan took over the city, and has restored the peace between the clans.
Born: 1425
Embraced: 1449
Sire: Stuart Williams
Childer: Sebastian Ritter
Ghoul: Serena D'Castilla, Birjir Iguisson, Bram Simmons
Owns: The Hermitage Hotel

Zeke Mann, Ventrue Primogen Primogen - Zeke Mann likes to wear leisure suits from the 1970s and smokes Cigars. He also has an annoying laugh. Somehow he has managed to hold on to the Primogen seat through the rule of several very dangerous princes. A few years ago he became enamored of a pregnant waitress at a club he frequented and as soon as she gave birth, made her his ghoul.
Born: 1852
Embraced: 1890
Childer: Lara Moore
Ghoul: Cord Roberts, Virgil Lowery, Jodie Boyle

Sebastian Ritter - Ventrue Sherriff - Sebastian Ritter is a native of Berlin who was embraced by Tristan de Casillo 1971.

For more information about Sebastian Ritter, please click on his picture.
Born: 1940
Embraced: 1971
Sire: Tristan D'Castilla
Childer: Joan Smith (Charisma Therin)
Ghouls: Raleigh, Anna Montgomery
Owns: The Iron, Second Floor, Basement

Joan Smith - Ventrue Joan was once Charisma Therin, the Slayer. She was investigating her boyfriend's disappearance when she was captured and embraced. She killed her boyfriend upon waking in a near frenzy from hunger. Sebastian and Duncan Masters rescued her and were kind enough to keep the real story of her embrace a secret. Lachlan gave her a mask to hide her identity and Sebastian adopted her as his childe. She has completely walked away from her old life, and is doing her best to conform to being Kindred. Joan spends much of her free time with the Brujah at Alexander’s.
Born: 1982
Embraced: 2000
Sire: Sebastian Ritter

Lachlan Nash - Ventrue Tristan found Lachlan near death in Berlin during WWII. While nursing him back to health, Tristan discovered Lachlan had a few abilities most Ventrue don't have, and blood bonded him. Lachlan will protect Tristan at all costs, but has many irons in the fire. He doesn't trust Tremere, and avoids them when he can.
Born: 1593
Embraced: 1627
Sire: Unknown
Ghouls: Dillan Terrel, Arran Carmichael

Hank Montgomery - Ventrue Whip Whip – Once a wealthy slave owner, Hank Montgomery is happy in the role he plays in Nashville. Though he and Zeke compete a great deal, they both know who is better suited for what job.
Born: 1892
Embraced: 1920
Childer: Sarah Neal (FD 1964)
Ghouls: Patrick Berger, Anton Popov

Lara Moore - Ventrue Lara Moore was once the wife of a wealthy lumber baron and when he died she took his fortune and invested it in the railroads. The sheer profit she made drew the attention of Zeke Mann, who knew she was suited to the being a member of the Ventrue clan. After a bit of adjustment to the vampiric lifestyle, Lara was happy to have eternity to increase her fortune.
Born: 1880
Embraced: 1912
Sire: Zeke Mann
Childer: Melody Proctor
Ghouls: Lydia Simmons, Oliver McGregor

Melody - Ventrue Melody Proctor is of mixed heritage, born to a laundry woman in San Francisco. During the Depression she made her way across the country to try and find a way to make a living. She opened a string of cleaners in the Nashville area that eventually went nationwide. Her business success practically guaranteed that she would be embraced Ventrue. In the last few decades she has invested heavily in the computer and music industries, both losing and making a great deal of money.
Born: 1908
Embraced: 1935
Sire: Lara Moore
Childer: Nez Smith, Jeremiah (FD 1964)
Ghoul: Nash Brewer

Max Brehmer - Ventrue Max Brehmer felt a blood bond was a fair exchange for the power being a ghoul gave him, power to watch over his sister, to protect her and care for her. When she became involved with the Brujah, he felt the only way to keep her safe was to become a vampire. He moved to Flint when Anna did, and managed to rescue her from Ben when it was clear he was keeper her prisoner. He returned to Nashville because Anna wanted to come home. He is married to his ghoul, whom he loves deeply.
Sire: Zeke Mann
Ghoul: Rose Brehmer, Millie Fleming

Nez Smith - Ventrue Nez Smith was once a member of the Jesters, a 60s music group that started with a television show. In the late 60s he met Melody Proctor, who embraced him after a night of drugs and sex. Nez never looked back. He uses his contacts in the Kindred world to further his interests in the Music industry.
Born: 1937
Embraced: 1968
Sire: Melody Proctor
Childer: Nathan Cruz
Ghouls: Berenice Sanchez, Lucas Price
Owns: Crash Main Floor, Second Floor and Burn

Nathan Cruz - Ventrue Nathan Cruz was a college student in Tennessee studying finance and political science. On the side, he studied fencing. Nez approached him at a college party, and Nathan agreed to the embrace readily. Nathan works with several of the Daughters of Cacophony, and helped raise money to bring the new prince into the city. He also helps his sire run Crash and Burn.
Born: 1966
Embraced: 1990
Sire: Nez Smith
Ghouls: Leon Schwarz


Serena D'Castilla - Ventrue Ghoul Serena D'Castilla fled her homeland with her brother Tristan when the Inquisition came to kill their father. In their refuge of London, she married a Duke, but the man was cruel, and beat her often. When Tristan returned to Spain, she went with him, and it was easy to accept him as her master, since her brothers were the only men she would ever trust again.
Domitor: Tristan D'Castilla

Birjir Iguisson
Three hundred years ago Birjir Iguisson offended a powerful man. He ghouled her as a punishment, and continues to keep her under his thumb.
Domitor: Tristan D'Castilla

Bram Simmons
Bram Simmons proved he could take care of himself when he fought of ten men with nothing but a short sword. Admiring his strength, Tristan D’Castilla offered him a job, and his blood.
Domitor: Tristan D'Castilla

Cord Roberts
Cord Roberts is the Mayor of Nashville. He has held the title for many years, and with Zeke’s help, he will likely hold it for many more.
Domitor: Zeke Mann

Virgil Lowery - Ventrue Ghoul Virgil Lowery has moved in the inner circles of Nashville's financial community for decades. He keeps an eye out for any talent that could enhance the Ventrue clan’s business interests in Nashville.
Domitor: Zeke Mann

Jodie Boyle
Jodie Boyle once worked as a waitress in an exclusive club. Her husband died before she realized she was pregnant and she thought she’d be doomed to raise the child alone. Fortunately, Zeke Mann developed an attraction for her and took her under his wing, ghouling her as soon as the child was born.
Domitor: Zeke Mann

Raleigh - Ventrue Ghoul Raleigh - Ventrue Ghoul ‘Raleigh’ isn’t his name, it’s where he’s from, but only Sebastian Ritter knows Raleigh’s real name. Not a lot is publically known about Raleigh, but nearly everyone who knows him knows he isn’t one to mess with. He is Sebastian’s right hand, and runs The Iron.

Raleigh was in the Air Force in Berlin when he met Sebastian, a local native. After nearly two years of running around together, Raleigh was transferred to Madrid. Sebastian was much changed when caught up with Raleigh in 1972. Raleigh agreed to be Sebastian’s ghoul, quit the Air Force, and never looked back.

Raleigh lives on the ground floor of a converted brownstone. His house has the latest electronic equipment, but tends to lack any decorating style, despite the efforts of Anna Montgomery, who occasionally stays with him.
Domitor: Sebastian Ritter

Anna Montgomery - Ventrue Ghoul For more information about Anna Montgomery, please click on her picture.
Domitor: Sebastian Ritter

Dillan Terrel - Ventrue Ghoul Dillan has been working with Lachlan since the late 1950s. He was originally from Scotland hand has a strong accent from his native land. He knows the truth of his master’s origins, but would never spill those secrets.
Domitor: Lachlan Nash

Arran Carmichael
Arran Carmichael was considered touched by the people in her village. An outcast, she welcomed Lachlan Nash when he told her he could take her away from her small world. Occasionally Arran sees flashes of the future, but they’re never clear enough for her to understand.
Domitor: Lachlan Nash

Patrick Berger
Patrick Berger was once an influential man in the Nashville community, until he lack of aging began to be remarked upon. He faked his death and began working in the Real Estate market, where he has made his master a fortune.
Domitor: Hank Montgomery

Anton Popov
Anton Popov fled the Soviet Union in the 1960s but did not leave behind his mafia ties. He runs guns and drugs, and other less savory things.
Domitor: Hank Montgomery

Lydia Simmons
Lydia Simmons is the CEO of Ryman Auditorium. She is currently unaware that she is a vampire’s ghoul and doesn’t question her devotion to Lara Moore, her lover.
Domitor: Lara Moore

Oliver McGregor
Oliver McGregor is a police officer with the Tennessee State Police. He uses the strength and abilities Lara Moore’s blood gives him to take down criminals. Occasionally, he even arrests them.
Domitor: Lara Moore

Rose Brehmer - Ventrue Ghoul Rose participated heavily in the free sex of the 70s. Men, women, multiples, she tried it all, and loved it all. She also loved Max Brehmer, her friend's brother. He disapproved of her lifestyle at first, until she introduced him to it. They have been together ever since.
Rose is currently a Talent Scout at Crest Records.
Domitor: Max Brehmer

Millie Fleming
Millie Fleming was the daughter of a millionaire who slept her way through college and saw no reason to stop when she graduated. She helps run Crimen Prosopia when she isn’t performing on the floor.
Domitor: Max Brehmer

Nash Brewer
Nash Brewer is a reporter for the largest newspaper in Nashville.
Domitor: Melody Proctor

Berenice Sanchez
Berenice Sanchez is one of the most successful music producers in the industry.
Domitor: Nez Smith

Lucas Price
Lucas Price likes money, lots of money, and he doesn’t care how he gets it. Since becoming Nez Smith’s ghoul, he has reined in his more illegal pastimes but will indulge himself now and again.
Domitor: Nez Smith

Leon Schwarz
Leon Schwarz owns Radio Nashville, which runs WKDA, a local station.
Domitor: Nathan Cruz