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Daughters of Cacophony

There are many Daughters in Nashville, all female of course. They often throw outlandish parties and try to top each other's singing. They own several of the premier nightspots in town, including the Masquerade.


Henrietta - Daughter of Cacophony Primogen - for many years Henrietta resented the fact that she was overlooked for the Primogen seat not once, but twice. She conspired with the Ventrue and the Tremere to bring in Tristan d'Casilla. In return she became the Primogen.
Born: 1917
Embraced: 1942
Sire: Rebecca Lyons (FD 1997)
Childer: Brenna Steel (FD 2000)
Ghouls: Sancho Velas

Vanessa Allen - Daughter of Cacophony Harpy - Vanessa Allen once sang the blues in many small towns throughout the south. When she sang in Nashville, her talent drew the attention of Rachelle Harris, who quickly embraced her. Sometime in the early years of her Kindred life, she and Laura Franklin had a misunderstanding that has since grown to a feud. Vanessa would try to work out the problem if only she could remember what it was.
Born: 1922
Embraced: 1962
Sire: Rachelle Harris (FD 2000)
Childer: Ariel Espenosa
Owns: The Masquerade, Logo

Ariel Espenosa - Daughter of Cacophony For more information about Ariel Espenosa, please click on her picture.
Embraced: 1991
Sire: Vanessa Allen

Sally Parker - Daughter of Cacophony Sally Parker was born into a moderately wealthy family and took advantage of that fact, using their contacts to get as far ahead in the music industry as she could before cancer struck. She would have died if Mabel Walker had not embraced her. Robbed of what had been a promising music career, Sally makes a point to seek out new talent.
Born: 1944
Embraced: 1972
Sire: Mabel Walker (FD 1999)
Childer: Laura Franklin
Ghouls: Ruby Griffith, Jasmine Bowers

Laura Franklin - Daughter of Cacophony Laura Franklin’s father died before she was born, forcing her mother to do many unsavory things to support her child. As a result, Laura spent many hours at a St Brena and had plans to become a nun until Sally Parker heard her sing. Laura’s voice was unsuited to the modern music of the 80s, and rather than see Laura’s beautiful voice lost to age and death, Sally embraced her. Laura has had a feud going with Vanessa Allen for so long, neither of them remember how it started.
Born: 1952
Embraced: 1987
Sire: Sally Parker


Sancho Velas
Sancho Velas was a laborer who expected to live out his life on the family farm. He might have, had Henrietta’s car not broken down practically in the front yard. He was fascinated with her from the moment he saw her and willingly became her ghoul.
Domitor: Henrietta

Thomasa Glinter
Thomasa Glinter runs the Masquerade for her domitor. She fell in love with a professor of Music History at the University of Nashville and convinced Vanessa she could not live without him.
Domitor: Vanessa Allen

Matthew Ornelas
Matthew Ornelas teaches music history at the University of Nashville. He frequented The Masquerade and became romantically involved with Thomasa Glinter, which was why he agreed to be Vanessa’s ghoul.
Domitor: Vanessa Allen

Jasmine Bowers was born in a small town outside of Atlanta. She attended college in Nashville and decided to stay. She is a Contract Lawyer for the Savannah Music Group.
Domitor: Sally Parker

Ruby Griffith
Ruby Griffith’s parents died when she was a teenager, leaving her their not inconsiderable fortune. She traveled the world before settling down in Nashville with the vague idea of getting a record contract. Her excellent singing voice drew Sally Parker’s attention, and within six months of settling in town, Ruby was a ghoul.
Domitor: Sally Parker

Richard Mason
Richard Maxson was attending the University of Tennessee to become a doctor when he was in a horrible accident. Laura Franklin saved his life by feeding him her blood and from that moment on he could not live without her. Richard completed his schooling but chose to work treating the city’s ghouls rather than get his medical license.
Domitor: Laura Franklin