Montreal After Dark


Kiran Michaels - Bagheera For more information about Kiran, please click on his picture.

Ian Michaels - Bastet Ian Michaels has been a shapeshifter for nearly 10 years. He finds it strange that now he has to teach his brother Kiran about being Bastet, since Kiran was the one who taught him so many years ago. He is determined to help his brother find those responsible for Vivian Waits' death.

Peta Michaels - Bastet Peta Michaels is 17 and not too many years from her first shift. She is intelligent and beautiful and she knows it. She finds it difficult living with two older brothers, but she can hold her own.


Lily Michaels - Bastet Lily Michaels is a werewolf Kinfolk, sister to Vaughn Waits. When Kiran first came to town, Lily hated him because she needed someone to blame for her sister's death. It took her some time to admit she was attracted to Kiran, and even longer to admit she loved him. Because she insists on working the front lines in the effort to stop the war between the werewolves and Sky House, Lily has been injured more than once. Now that she's expecting her first child, she tends to be more careful.