Los Angeles After Dark



Sebastian - Tremere Primogen Primogen - Sebastian is a master of martial arts who doesn't believe in guns. He helped Nina find out about a family heirloom necklace that she had and decided to embrace her.
Childe: Nina Rodriguez

Averal - Tremere Regent Regent - Sinjon Averalís grandfather was the first Mayor of Montreal, so he learned politics and etiquette as he grew, and had promise as one of the most prominent politicians the city had seen. He married well and began a family. In 1922 fire swept through the city. Sinjonís wife and daughter were killed, and he might have died himself had Silver not found him. Averal learned well, and when Silver was offered the LA chantry, it was decided that he would step into the Regent role, but Silver would be the hand that guided him.
Born: 1887
Embraced: 1922
Sire: Silver
Childe: Michelle Terry

Silver - Tremere

Negotiator - After her embrace, Silver quickly realized the pros of being Tremere, but her quick climb of the pyramid came to an end in 1731 when her sire was discovered dabbling in Dark Thaumaturgy. In 1852 she was reassigned to the Montreal chantry. Freed from her sireís infamy, she was able to work her way up in the chantry. By the early 1990s it was clear that Silver had surpassed even the regent of the chantry as far as intelligence and skill. In 1999 her patience was rewarded when she had received a chantry of her own.
Born: 1704
Embraced: 1725
Sire: Bowen McKale
Childe: Sinjon Averal
Ghoul: Mathonwy

Cecille Brennen - Tremere Keeper of the Scrolls - Cecille Brennen moved to the city from Paris after the clan wars of 1999.
Sire: Ignatius Remillard

Calvin McKone - Tremere Calvin McKone is in charge of the clan's Arsenal.

Nina Rodriguez - Tremere For more information on Nina, please click on her picture.
Born: 5/12/1969
Embraced: 11/10/1994
Sire: Sebastian

Christina Strong - Tremere Christina woke in Las Vegas with no memories and was taken in by Antonio Moreno. She has lived in Salem and Detroit, but now resides in LA with her ex-husband Jason Kline.

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Sire: Dougal Galloway (actual), Antonio Moreno (adopted)
Ghouls: Frasier O'Connell, Petor Andrews (dead)

Lane Standish - Tremere Lane Standish


Michelle Terry - Tremere Ghoul Michelle Terry was once Averal's secretary. After his wife and child died, she never gave up hope he would be found alive. A few years after Averal's embrace, Michelle saw him walking through the city and followed him. Upon discovery, he decided to ghoul her so she couldn't tell his family what had happened to him. They have been lovers for many years.
Sire: Averal

Mathonwy - Tremere Ghoul Mathonwy was born in Edinburgh in 1827, the idle son of a nobleman. Bored with his family business, he often haunted the streets of the city, which is how he saw Silver. She decided to ghoul him, although she kept it quiet from the chantry. When Silver was reassigned to Montreal in 1852, she took him with her. While they live in the same house, he is not obligated to stay with her constantly, and has his own life.
Domitor: Silver

Frasier O'Connell - Tremere Ghoul Frasier O'Connell met Christina Strong in another dimension and followed her to this world for the promise of adventure. He has stuck with her through thick and thin.

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Domitor: Christina Strong

Petor Andrews - Tremere Ghoul Petor Andrews was a Russian native that Christina Strong found on a trip to save her mentor. He was a loyal servant who did not deserve to die at the hands of his mistress in the midst of a hunger frenzy.

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Died: 2001
Domitor: Christina Strong